Since the dawn of time.

Man has used plants to subsist. At first, fruits and seeds were gathered and, little by little, humans began to select them to sow them and not have to move around in search of food. That is where true agriculture began.

Humans gradually became more technically adept and learned to exploit these resources to the maximum to take advantage of them but, at present, our soils have become impoverished, our beneficial fauna has diminished and our plants are increasingly grown in a more artificial way and have become more prone to pests and diseases.

At Ecoproyectos, we try to maintain the high production levels that today’s food industry demands, but also respect the environment and work with it. Thanks to our range of organic products, we have succeeded in stabilising crop production and making our harvests less vulnerable to the innumerable external factors that affect plantings.


Manufacture and advice of innovative and waste-free products for agriculture, which achieve high yields of crops and improve the environment.


Establish ourselves as a clear alternative in the market for those farmers who think about tomorrow, without forgetting the problems of today.


-Promoting sustainability
-Involvement with our customers
-Reduction of crop residues
-Improve crop productivity
-Balancing the environment
-Support, advice and innovative and quality products